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Cultivating your body's innate abilities to promote healthy aging, speed injury recovery, and prevent disease.

"It shouldn't be only about treating the symptoms of disease, it should be about prevention."

Your body wants to be healthy. It is made to work that way. Our daily choices and habits can nourish our well-being or they can hurt us.  Decide today to build a healthier, happier you! 


Acupuncture is a form of medicine dating back more than 3,000 years. It is a method of inserting thin, sterile needles into specific points along the energy pathways, or meridians. The energy, or Qi, moves blood and is vital to normal organ and tissue function. Good health is dependent upon the smooth unrestricted flow of Qi through the body. Blockage of Qi can cause pain, illness, and organ dysfunction.  To help restore and maintain health, an acupuncturist works toward preventing and removing blocks in the proper flow of blood and energy throughout the body.

Company Wellness

Businesses have learned that investing in their employees’ health can be beneficial.  Increasing daily activity, improving eating habits, successfully managing stress, and correcting workplace ergonomics are some areas employers can make an major impact and enhance their workers’ health.   Most people are aware of the direct benefits of these actions for the individual, but many do not consider that initiatives like these can also be a boost to the company.  They can lead to improvements in job performance, savings on health care premiums, reduced sick time, and increased employee satisfaction and retention.  Our company can assist you with the evaluation, design,and implementation of your own work-site wellness initiative based on your goals and budget.  Contact us today and find out how simple it is for your company to benefit from starting a wellness campaign.

Business Consulting

Many healthcare professionals are great at their specialty, but not good at running their businesses. Frequently, these providers were not adequately prepared for self employment and what it takes to run a successful medical practice.  They are limited to relying on the 1 or 2 semesters of practice management taught during their medical education, cannot find the time to market and grow their business, and are drowning in the daily responsibilities of being “the boss”.   Countless methods of improving your business are available to practitioners as a subscription service, but frequently these programs aren’t implemented and only result in an additional recurring bill wrapped up in the hope that one day it will lead to a change. Contacting us can be your first measure toward making actual change and progress.  Step away from the frustration and helplessness of not knowing how to “fix it” or trying to utilize a generic system marketed to the masses.  Your company is unique and special.  It is different from the rest. Allow us to guide you on how to capitalize on your strengths and improve on the weaknesses.  We want to help you to be the best company you want to be.  Increased efficiency and effectiveness is something that can be taught, and we are available to show you how.
  • "Jeffrey is a very knowledgable and caring individual who will go out of his way to make sure he does his best so that you are satisfied."
    Dr. Anthony Fava

  • "He took ownership and pride in all aspects of his job and was a true asset to my business. I would hire him to work for or with me without hesitation"
    Michael Caposella

  • "Jeff is very invested in his clients and patients. He takes the time to find out each person's needs, their problems and comes up with solutions that are unique to them." 
    Marisa Scolamiero, M.H.A. 

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